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Going Birco DVD

48.15 min


GOING BIRCO follows a dramatherapy project held at Ashcroft High School in western Sydney.

Adrian Lania, psychologist and school counsellor was concerned about bullying and fighting in the schoolyard. He took a group of students and concentrated on exercises that promote a greater awareness of ritual and culture in our society. His focus was to help students understand that despite our differences the emotions experienced by all people are similar.

Dramatherapist Joanna Jaaniste and Mental Health Carer Support Worker Janette Hannaford facilitated the parents’ group. They used roleplay and improvisation to explore family dynamics, problem solving, discipline and mental health.

These two strands interweave in an  engrossing pastiche of the students’ and parents’ groups. Also included are 9 extras which show the progress and process of the groups.




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