The Dramatherapy Centre, What is Dramatherapy?


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What is dramatherapy and what does the therapist do?


Dramatherapy intentionally uses theatre and drama techniques to encourage the client’s creativity and expressive ability.

It helps the clients to tell their story, express feelings, set goals, extend inner experience and try on new and more fulfilling roles, so far unexplored.


As dramatherapists, we are aiming to:


· Use the imagination to explore ideas, issues and memories

· Address real-life relationships and social situations through drama

· Play with your lifescript, telling your story in a new way

· Improve motivation, social skills, self-awareness and self-esteem

· Develop concepts of responsibility for the self and others in relationships


An understanding and trust is developed with the dramatherapist, so that these aspects of can be explored safely and with understanding. The 'I' can take charge, so that the true individual you really are can take charge.



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